What is minimalist golf?

What is minimalist golf?

The most common definition is playing golf with less clubs. Instead of playing with a full set of 14, a minimalist golfer uses only 6 to 8 clubs. That being said, we believe it’s deeper than just the number of clubs you carry. Minimalist golf is an attitude.

How many clubs can you carry in a 9 hole bag?

Engineered to carry between 6-8 clubs, golf essentials, and a couple cold beverages. This stylishly designed bag will turn heads on your next trip to the driving range or course. Extremely lightweight, anyone can carry this bag for a quick 9 holes. Perfect for players of all ages, from 5 to 105.

How much does a PGA Tour bag weigh?

At just 5lbs, this lightweight bag leaves room for the essentials without compromising comfort. Whether you’re carrying for 9, 18, or 36, the high density dual-single strap mechanism will keep you physically comfortable so you can focus on your game. JASON GORE, PGA TOUR WINNER.