What is frequency matching in golf shafts?

What is frequency matching in golf shafts?

Frequency matching shafts only measures the butt flex of the shaft and allows the club maker to perfectly match a set of golf clubs. It is up to the club fitter to match a shaft to the golfers swing needs. Golf shaft manufacturing processes, while having improved by leaps and bounds, are still imperfect.

What is a dormie in match play in golf?

This means that if you halve or win any of the following holes in the round then you will win the match play. Example of a dormie in match play could took place when two golfers have a score of Golfer 1: 9 Golfer 2: 7 through sixteen holes.

What is match play in golf?

Match Play in golf is a head-to-head competition against a player (or players) during each hole. Instead of stroke play, which is an overall stroke score on the 9 or 18 holes at the end, Match Play is a single victory, tie, or loss for each hole. Match Play is essentially you competing against another player rather than the scorecard.

What does 5&4 mean in golf match play?

What does 5&4 mean in match play? Five and four essentially has the same meaning as three and two when referring to match play scores. This essentially means the winner of the game was already decided. As there is a larger lead than the number of holes remaining.