What is flex and bend profile in golf clubs?

What is flex and bend profile in golf clubs?

The overall stiffness design (aka the flex and bend profile) is an element of golf clubs that becomes progressively more and more important to performance as golfer clubhead speed increases and point of release gets later and later in the downswing.

Is the shaft of a golf club the engine of the club?

Actually, you the golfer are the engine, the shaft acts more like the transmission. The weight of the shaft is a key element in the fitting and performance of golf clubs for ALL golfers.

Why don’t low handicap golfers get “wowed” by club fitting?

The reason low handicap golfers tend to be less “wowed” by a fitting is because as a better player, they have over the years already found clubs that fit their more consistent swing characteristics reasonably well. Better players can and do fit themselves with great success.

What does it mean to be fit for golf clubs?

The goal of proper fitting is to achieve visible, measurable game improvement, and the vast majority of golfers who shoot in the mid-80s to high-90s walk away with that when properly fit. Here, again, we need to establish a definition for “being fit” for your golf clubs.