What is Cary Grant's Best Comedy?

What is Cary Grant’s Best Comedy?

The Best Cary Grant Comedies 1 Bringing Up Baby – 1938. Here Grant is an absent-minded professor, painstakingly putting together dinosaur bones from his archeological dig. 2 Topper – 1937. … 3 Holiday – 1938. … 4 Charade – 1963. … 5 Walk, Don’t Run – 1966. …

What was Cary Grant’s role in Alfred Hitchcock’s notorious?

Alfred Hitchcock recruited Cary Grant a second time for 1946’s "Notorious," a film that stands out as a high point in both of their careers. Alongside Claude Rains and Ingrid Bergman, Grant stars as American spy T.R. Devlin. Following World War II, a group of Nazi agents have fled to Brazil, and Devlin sets out to bring them in.

What kind of movies did Cary Grant appear in?

A well made romantic comedy Grant appears as his usual charming self, brightening the movie with his presence and his acting. 6. The Awful Truth (1937) Directed by Leo McCarey, and winning the Academy Award for best director, this screwball comedy stars Cary Grant as Jerry Warriner and Irene Dunne as his wife Lucy.

How well do you know Cary Grant?

Emerging in the 1930s as one of Hollywood’s most dashing leading men, actor Cary Grant was a likable, good-looking star who dazzled audiences for more than three decades. His earliest films were pre-code features that sometimes had risqué storylines, while his later works were some of the most celebrated dramas of their era.