What is an eagle in golf scoring?

What is an eagle in golf scoring?

What Is the Meaning of an Eagle in Golf?Definition. Eagle, as defined in golf, is a score of two strokes under par on a hole. …Example. Eagles don’t happen often, but they tend to happen on par-5s. …Hole-in-One. Often, when a hole-in-one is recorded, that shot doubles as an eagle. …Origins. According to Scottish golf lore, the term eagle was coined as an extension of the term birdie. …Double-Eagle. …

What is the largest albatross?

Which birds have the largest wingspan?Wandering Albatross The Wandering Albatross has a maximum wingspan of 3.7 meters or 12.1 feet. …Great White Pelican The Great White Ppelican has a 12-foot wingspan. It lives in swamps and shallow lakes across southeastern Europe , Asia, and Africa. …Southern Royal Albatross The Southern Royal Albatross also has a wingspan of 12 feet. …More items…

What do albatrosses look like?

What Does an Albatross Look Like? Albatross are seabirds that belongs to the Diomedeiae family. These birds have a healthy body, long hooked bills, elongated legs, and webbed feet. Most of the albatrosses’ adult plumage is generally some variation of dark upper-wing and back with white undersides.

Who has had Albatros in golf?

Who has scored an albatross in golf? Gene Sarazen was the first professional golfer to score an albatross in a modern major tournament. In golf, an albatross is something that most golfers will never have the fortune to make. This scoring term, which represents three strokes under par on a single hole, is extremely difficult to achieve.