What is a shopping cart in Fortnite?

What is a shopping cart in Fortnite?

The Shopping Cart is a Vehicle in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Season 4 . The Shopping Cart seats two players, each with a different role. The first player acts as the ‘driver’ and pushes the cart. The second player is the passenger, who stands in the basket, and can use weapons or items.

What is the first vehicle in Fortnite?

The very first vehicle to be introduced in Fortnite was a golf cart. These were brought in as a result of the events of Chapter 1 Season 4, in which rifts began pulling elements from the real world (and other places) into Fortnite. Drift, a human person, and golf carts came and became a mainstay of Fortnite.

What is the rarest skin in Fortnite?

Top 50 Rarest Skins. 1 #1. Hacivat. Last Seen: 877 Days Rate this item: 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 Submit Rating. Rating: 2.1 /5. From 4.3K votes. 2 #2. Special Forces. 3 #3. Hyperion. 4 #4. Absolute Zero. 5 #5. Backbone. More items

What are the new golf carts in Fortnite?

One unexpected addition is the Golf Cart, which adds an actual vehicle (sorry, [ shopping carts] don’t count) to gameplay. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite ’s new Golf Carts, from their location on the map to how to get a boost while drifting. (Yes, this game game is basically Mario Kart now. Deal with it.)