What is a plugged lie on a golf course?

What is a plugged lie on a golf course?

Don’t panic when you suffer a plugged lie, the Rules of Golf now allow relief from an embedded ball in any part of the golf course’s general area Within the rules of golf a plugged lie is known as an embedded ball. The good news is that unless you are in a bunker or penalty area, you do now get relief without penalty.

What is holed/1 in golf?

Holed/1, part of the Definitions section of the Rules (far deeper within) provides a contradictory account: Holed/1 – All of the Ball Must Be Below the Surface to Be Holed When Embedded in Side of Hole When a ball is embedded in the side of the hole, and all of the ball is not below the surface of the putting green, the ball is not holed.

Where can a ball be embedded in the sand in golf?

New Rule: The previous default position in the Rules is reversed: Rule 16.3 allows relief for a ball embedded anywhere in the “general area” (that is, the area previously known as “through the green”), except when embedded in sand.

What is the embedded ball rule in golf?

Under the embedded ball rule, which is Rule 16.3 of the Rules of Golf, golfers are entitled to free relief from a situation in which their ball becomes embedded in the general area (also known as "through the green"), which includes everywhere on the course that’s not teeing ground, putting surfaces, bunkers and hazards.