What is a draw shot in golf?

What is a draw shot in golf?

Sometimes referred to as a cut shot. Draw – A right to left ball flight (for righties), but more controlled than a hook. Up and Down – If you have missed a green in regulation, and you are still able to make par.

What does as mean in golf scoring?

The term AS in golf refers to the scoring in a round of match play. When the scoreboard reads AS that means “all square”, this means the totals of holes won by either team is equal so the golfers are currently tied. In match play golf you keep score of the amount of holes you have won relative to your competition.

What does 3 and 2 mean in golf?

What Does 3 And 2 Mean In Match Play? 3 and 2 in golf refers to a final score in a match play event in golf. This final score occurs when there are less holes remaining than the difference between the two players or teams score. For example, if you were up three holes with only two holes left to play then the game is already won.

What does it mean to play the golf ball “up” or “down”?

Playing it “Up” or “Down” – Playing the ball down means that you have to hit your shot no matter what the lie is. In certain situations golfers are allowed to play the ball “up” meaning they can improve the lie.