What is a 6 6 6 tournament?

What is a 6 6 6 tournament?

This means that teams playing in a 6 6 6 tournament will be playing three separate matches within their round. It is a very entertaining way to play because it encourages team play and the three matches create lots of competitiveness.

What is a 6 6 6 format in golf?

This format is usually played with teams of two in order to fit the requirements for several of the formats used within the event. A 6 6 6 tournament utilizes many of the most popular formats of casual golf games. The three formats that are typically used in this type of format are alternate shot, best ball, and scramble.

What does it mean to play the first 6 holes separately?

It simply means that the first six holes of a tournament will be played by one set of rules. The second six holes will be played by a different set of rules. And the final three holes will by played by yet an even "differenter" set of rules! But those rules are up to the event organizer. Think of it this way.

How many holes in a 6-6-6 golf tournament?

Let’s say the YMCA runs a fundraiser 6-6-6 where the first six holes might be a Scramble followed by six holes of Best-Ball followed by six holes of Alternate Shot . Just as valid is an IBM corporate field day 6-6-6 where the first six holes are Best-Ball before a middle-six of Florida Scramble, ending with six holes of Shambles .