What Irons does Tiger Woods use at the Masters?

What Irons does Tiger Woods use at the Masters?

In 1997, Woods was using a split set of Mizuno irons at the Masters: MP-29 long irons (2-5) and MP-14 mid and short irons (5-PW). At this year’s Masters, Woods had a fresh set of TaylorMade’s P7TWs.

Does Tiger Woods still use a 5-wood?

To this day, Woods still uses a 5-wood, going back-and-forth between a driving iron and a 5-wood depending on the course setup and conditions. Due to conspiracy theories about them, Woods’ Titleist irons are arguably the most controversial golf clubs in history.

Did Tiger Woods hit a 4-iron in 2019?

This year’s 4-iron came for his third, after a pitch-out. Tiger Woods hit mostly wedges in 1997. Not the case in 2019. This year’s veteran version laid back off the tee — and made birdie. ’97 Tiger hit it up by the green but settled for par.

Why doesn’t Tiger Woods change his irons?

Also unlike Jordan, who reportedly wore a different pair of sneakers for every game, Woods does not like to change equipment. Rather, Woods sticks with what’s familiar. That’s why his irons throughout the years haven’t changed specs, aside from one club in particular (we’ll get to that later).