What happened to Tiger Woods'2005 chip shot at Augusta National?

What happened to Tiger Woods’2005 chip shot at Augusta National?

Most all of us, though, have re-watched the clip of Tiger Woods’ chip shot roll down the slope at Augusta National’s 16th hole in 2005, before dropping in the cup on the ball’s final rotation. The crowd roar. Verne Lundquist’s call. The Tiger fist pump and goofy high-five with caddie Steve Williams. It’s a part of Masters lure.

How old was Tiger Woods when he won the 2019 Masters?

Woods would go onto pull off an incredible comeback to claim his fourth Masters green jacket, downing Chris DiMarco in a playoff. It would also mark the last time that the 15-time major champion would win at Augusta National until his victory at the 2019 tournament, at the age of 43.

Did CBS Miss Tiger Woods’famed chip on 16 at the Masters?

CBS very nearly missed Tiger Woods’ famed chip on 16 at the 2005 Masters. It is arguably the single greatest shot of Tiger Woods’ career. It is ensconced on the tapestry of Augusta National history.

Where did Tiger Woods hit his second shot on the Green?

Off to the left side of the green on the par-3 after his tee shot, Woods found himself with a tricky second shot from about 16 feet away. He punched his ball well to the left of the pin and watched it slowly roll down the slope towards the cup.