What happened to MacGregor Golf Clubs?

What happened to MacGregor Golf Clubs?

MacGregor attempted a “relaunch” in the late ’90s with an updated tour roster that included Aaron Baddeley, but after slumping sales and sets of clubs that failed to take off, assets were eventually liquidated in North America. The brand still lives on in the UK and Japan but not with the same presence it once had.

What happened to Spalding golf clubs?

Spalding is a big name in American sports, having manufactured equipment for basketball, American football, and golf over the years. But since the early 2000s, Spalding has practically disappeared from the golf landscape.

Do brands come and go in the golf industry?

In the world of sports, many brands have come and gone throughout history. What’s different in golf is that although companies disappear, they leave behind a lot of memories tied to great moments in the history of the game.

Who made Bobby Jones’ golf clubs?

Spalding manufactured golf clubs for some of the leading players in the game, including the legendary American player Bobby Jones. In fact, one of Spalding’s most popular models was the Bobby Jones collection, selling two million sets between 1932 and 1973.