What happened to Dustin Johnson’s RBC sponsorship?

What happened to Dustin Johnson’s RBC sponsorship?

By Wednesday morning, one of his main sponsors, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), indicated in a press release that they would not continue the agreement with Johnson for non-PGA Tour events. “RBC is a proud partner of the PGA Tour.

Who is Dustin Johnson’s wife Paulina Gretzky?

Paulina Gretzky kisses husband Dustin Johnson on Sunday during the final day of the LIV Golf Invitational in Bedminster, New Jersey. Dustin Johnson, who married Paulina Gretzky in April 2022, split a $3 million first-place prize in the team event with his 4 Aces squad.

What does Dwayne Johnson eat for dinner?

For dinner, it’s always fish, veggies, and brown rice or quinoa. Check out the rest of Johnson’s interview with GQ where he discusses what a rest day consists of for him, how he watches out for signs of overtraining, his thoughts on criticism from the older generation with regard to training, and more, right here.

What happens if Dustin Johnson joins the PGA Tour?

By joining this tour, Johnson faces both punishment from the PGA tour and losing more sponsors. The PGA tour has told its members that by playing in any tournament not sanctioned by the PGA, a player would face suspensions and potentially lose membership to the PGA tour.