What equipment do I need to dye a golf disc?

What equipment do I need to dye a golf disc?

Shaving cream: shaving cream is used as it helps holding the dye in position while it is soaking into the golf disc Skewers: anything long and pointed can be used here. Skewers are best as they can be used for mixing the shaving cream and outlining designs

Can You dye discs?

If you have a thing for custom discs, then dyeing them on your own according to your taste can help you achieve your desired result. When it comes to disc dyeing, you have plenty of options – you can dye your disc using only one color, or you can dye your disc using multiple colors.

How long does it take to dye a golf disc?

Slowly immerse the golf disc into the dye mixture Depending on the type of dye and what color you are using, the process can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes Shake off any excess dye from the surface and let it sit aside for a couple of hours for the disc to strongly absorb the dye 5.

How do you clean a disc after dyeing it?

This method is messier and you will probably want to throw the cloth away when you’re done. This phase is simple, just make sure you’ve let the dye sit for long enough. Rinse in cold water for a few minutes. then remove all vinyl, fabric, or hot glue and rinse again. Scrub the disc lightly under running water.