What does a PXG driver look like?

What does a PXG driver look like?

It’s sexxxxxxy. It’s all black with a matte covering on the top. PXG prides itself on the fact the driver is light weight and reduces spin – thus maximizing driving distance for players, while also correcting the sidespin and fade tendency that many players experienced in the first generation driver.

Is the PXG 0211 driver any good?

2021 PXG 0211 Driver Review 50 Words or Less The PXG 0211 driver provides something most people don’t associate with PXG: huge value. Great performance at a mid-market price.

Is PXG a good golf brand?

All in all, I really wanted to like this driver: PXG is a hot brand with amazing irons, I know players who swear by their irons and I believe PXG is a pioneer in the future of golf technology and player fitting.

What is the difference between the 0311 XF and PXG drivers?

The 0311 XF Driver is one of two drivers in the GEN5 product line. It is the more forgiving of the two. It features a larger shape designed to provide maximum forgiveness. The other driver is the 0311 which is the all-around performer (review HERE ). The looks of the new PXG drivers are much improved in a number of ways.