What does a double cross mean spiritually?

What does a double cross mean spiritually?

A double cross is when a message from the brain doesn’t quite get down to the hands and the hands don’t do as they’re supposed to do.

What is a double-cross in golf?

In layman’s terms, a double-cross occurs when your golf ball travels in the opposite direction you were aiming. For example, a tree sits in your line to the green, and the only shot you have is to induce a fade. As a right-handed golfer, you aim to the left of your target, preparing for the left to right-hand shape, but it doesn’t come.

How do you avoid a double cross in golf?

To avoid hitting the double cross, concentrate on not releasing the wrists too early in the shot. Early wrist rotation will cause the clubface to be closed upon impact and force the ball to hook. Moving the ball further back in the stance, will also help avoid a closed club face during the shot.

What causes a double cross on a hook shot?

The double cross for the hook shot and the correction for it, are basically the opposite of that for a fade. The cause in this case are a late wrist rotation paired with the ball being too far back in the stance.