What do the numbers on the caddies suits mean at Augusta National?

What do the numbers on the caddies suits mean at Augusta National?

As defending champion in 2021, Dustin Johnson’s caddie got number one on his suit. This uniform thus became a tradition – and Augusta National does like its traditions. The caddies also have numbers on their suits and these are allocated in the order that the caddies check in to register.

Do players use their own caddies in golf tournaments?

Well it used to be a widespread practice in Majors and at tour events that the players did not use their own caddies. Instead the host golf clubs provided all the caddies for the players. This practice mainly died out during the 1970s. The Masters became one of the last tournaments to change its policy on caddies.

What is the caddie number at the Masters?

At the Masters, every caddie has a number. Augusta National Golf Club thinks the number so important that they print the caddie number of each player on the tee times and pairings sheet each day.

Is Corey Conners the last caddie to qualify for the Masters?

Curiously, however, Corey Conners, the last man to earn a Masters invitation in 2019, doesn’t have the last caddie number. That number belongs to Matt Kuchar, who has been in the tournament since last fall. Order of qualifying doesn’t matter at all.