What did Hilary Watson say about her cancer?

What did Hilary Watson say about her cancer?

She said she was dying to live, not living to die throughout her entire ordeal with her cancer. She’s my hero.” Hilary Watson was 63 and had endured endless rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery since she and Tom first received her diagnosis on Halloween two years ago.

Who are Hilary Watson’s children Kyle Charles and Kelly Paige?

Hilary Watson is survived by her husband, Tom, and her children, Kyle Charles, Kelly Paige and Ross Donald, her step-children, Meg Carr and Michael Watson, and two sisters, Alicia Korte and Christine Holton. Her brother, Tommy, preceded her in death. Ted Bishop, former PGA of America president, shared a touching tribute to his friends on Facebook.

How old is Hilary Watson now?

She was 63. Tom Watson’s agent, Barry Hyde, confirmed Hilary Watson died Wednesday night. Hilary Watson had been shopping for socks with her husband when the couple was told the news of her diagnosis in 2017, according to a report in the Kansas City Star.

Where did Juliana Watson live in South Africa?

In 1980 she moved from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to Durban, South Africa, and later to Cape Town, where she worked in public relations. She married professional golfer Denis Watson in 1986 and moved to the United States as he continued to play on the PGA Tour. The couple lived in North Carolina, where son Kyle and daughter Paige were born.