What did Adam Sandler say to will zalatoris?

What did Adam Sandler say to will zalatoris?

Adam Sandler, a comedic actor and “Saturday Night Live” alum whose 1996 film “Happy Gilmore” was a lovable lampooning of golf and the people who play it, sent his compliments to Zalatoris on Sunday evening. “Congrats Will! I’m happy for you! Happy’s happy for you! Enjoy it all!”

Did will zalatoris get a message from Happy Gilmore?

August 15, 2022 11:12 am ET Among the congratulations Will Zalatoris received Sunday after winning the 2022 FedEx St. Jude Championship was a message from “Happy Gilmore” himself.

Who was the caddie in Gilmore Girls?

Actor Adam Sandler, who played the irritable golfer in the 1990s comedy, noted that Zalatoris looked a lot like the man who played Gilmore’s caddie in the movie – Jared Van Snellenberg. "Have fun today young man. Mr. Gilmore is watching you and very proud," Sandler tweeted. Zalatoris finished right behind Hideki Matsuyama at the Masters.

Is Adam Sandler’s caddy from ‘Happy Gilmore’ really zalatoris?

The comparison to the caddy in "Happy Gilmore" stems from a social media post by Adam Sandler. The comedic actor and "Happy Gilmore" star made waves when he tweeted a split photo of Zalatoris and the caddy from the movie, who bore a striking resemblance to Zalatoris. Sandler’s tweet included a message: "Mr. Gilmore is watching you and very proud."