What brands of golf equipment does Jack Nicklaus own?

What brands of golf equipment does Jack Nicklaus own?

Golf equipment from Jack Nicklaus along three different product brands, from high-end to value: Nicklaus Golf Equipment; Jack Nicklaus Golf; and Golden Bear. Nike Golf, whose equipment is played by Tiger Woods, offers a full line of men’s and women’s clubs, balls and accessories. Best known for its hipTi metal woods and drivers.

Who makes Infiniti golf clubs?

Infiniti is a maker of clubs and components known for its commitment to clubfitting. This wholesale-direct manufacturer offers wedges, irons, hybrids and woods and is best-known for its irons. Jazz is the largest Canadian wholly owned golf manufacturing company. It offers a full range of clubs as well as accessories such as bags.

Who makes Bridgestone Golf Clubs?

Bridgestone Golf. The parent company of Precept also markets clubs and balls under its own name. Callaway Golf. From the introduction of the Big Bertha line, Callaway has been a leader in golf club production and sales. They also own the Odyssey line of putters and a hot new brand of ball. Carbite Golf

Who makes a convex-faced putter?

Curv Golf makes a convex-faced putter. Daito Golf is a Canada-based manufacturer of milled putters, plus putting trainers. It’s called Diamond Touch Golf because they really do use diamonds in their clubfaces. The result is an ultrahard surface and less spin.