What are the Mizuno 921 Tour Irons?

What are the Mizuno 921 Tour Irons?

Our take: Known as the go-to iron among touring professionals not on the Mizuno tour staff, the 921 Tour irons are a beautiful marriage of traditional shaping and new technologies. The reason being is simple — the modern player wants consistency first as they tend to hit high, straight shots more often than they do big draws and fades.

What are the best golf clubs from Mizuno?

Expertly crafted with the best technology and finest materials, Mizuno irons are some of the best golf clubs from Mizuno. In addition to Mizuno irons, you can find Mizuno putters and Mizuno drivers at the PGA TOUR Superstore. Mizuno golf clubs, especially Mizuno irons, will allow you to take your golf game to the next level.

How are Mizuno golf clubs and Irons made?

Mizuno golf clubs and irons are made by forging metal rods or bars. There is a natural flow to the fiber, called a grain. The grain serves to strengthen and reinforce, which improves the durability, consistency, and integrity of the metal block. The grain acts much like the steel rods often found in concrete constructions.

What are the best Mizuno golf irons for EMEA?

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