What are the different types of woods in golf?

What are the different types of woods in golf?

The woods, a category that includes the driver plus fairway woods, were also numbered. The driver was given the number one, followed by fairway woods such as the 2-wood, 3-wood-, 4-wood and so on.

What is a fairway wood in golf?

The fairway wood represents a category of golf clubs that is found within the woods category, alongside the driver. It designates a collection of clubs that sport both a smaller head and a shorter shaft than the driver while still keeping the general appearance of a wood with a larger round-type head, in contrast to irons.

What are 11 wood golf clubs used for?

A 11 fairway wood is a dependable golf club that is bound to make your game both fun and easy while serving as a good alternative for a long iron. The 11 wood golf club replaces your 5 iron. This club helps in delivering straight and long shots off the tee. The 11 wood is best used on short par 4’s, in the rough, bunkers, and fairways.

What is a wood in golf clubs?

A category of golf clubs that includes the driver and the fairway woods. Compared to the other types of clubs woods are longer and feature bigger and rounder clubheads that are designed to shoot the ball over long distances.