What are the best straight-flying driver discs?

What are the best straight-flying driver discs?

The Axiom Insanity is another straight-flying driver from the MVP discs family. This disc has the same flat and low profile as the Inertia but with a shallower rim that is easy to grip. Equally suitable for backhand and forehand throws, this disc has the perfect combination of flight characteristics to fly straight for maximum distance.

Which disc golf driver is best for beginners?

While it is a popular fairway driver for beginners, plenty of professional disc golfers throw the Leopard. The slightly faster Leopard3 is found in several pro bags, and also comes in gorgeous halo plastic. We also have the Leopard in Star plastic.

How to hit a straight shot with a driver?

Hitting the Driver Straight. Science has proven that there are several ways to hit a straight shot. Assuming a centered impact on the driver face, the initial direction of the ball is dominated by the orientation of the clubface at impact (up to 85%!) with the clubhead swing path accounting for the other 15%.

What is the best straight driver for beginners?

This is a go-to straight driver for beginners and intermediate players. Legacy’s Icon plastic is best compared to Innova’s Star blend. It is grippy and flexible yet maintains superior durability. We have the Patriot available now in this popular blend. Since 2011, the FD has been a staple fairway driver in the Dismania Originals line.