What are the best golf balls for the environment?

What are the best golf balls for the environment?

The Dixon Fire Golf Balls are at the top of our list not just because of the performance but also because of the benefit to the environment. Golf balls made from eco-friendly materials will have us all playing the game for years to come. If the Dixon isn’t the golf ball for you, then we recommend giving the Pro V a shot.

Are old golf balls worth anything?

The history of golf balls is long and interesting, and like anything else, there is a community of people who collect them in any form they might come in. Vintage golf balls are particularly collectible, sometimes fetching high prices. Check out this video below and see for yourself.

Are Ping golf balls good collectors’ items?

Golf balls with certain stamps and logos, as well as those that have been signed by the player, are just as popular. Although not perhaps considered to be great for the game of golf itself, it seems that nowadays, the two-tone Ping golf ball is one of these collectors’ items. Why is this?

Are lower end golf balls worth the money?

The lower end golf balls are not going to offer the same feel and performance, and for many golfers, it is worth paying for something better. Forget all those lists of the cheapest golf balls on the market; we have collected ten of the most expensive golf balls in 2020.