What are the best fairway woods for Women’s golf?

What are the best fairway woods for Women’s golf?

The Lady Exotics is going to have some of the best feel on the market. The lower handicapper group of ladies don’t have too many choices when it comes to fairway woods, however, this one fills the need for both feel and distance.

Are Ram Golf clubs made by Tommy Armour?

Today, the Ram brand (owned by the same company that owns Tommy Armour) produces clubs aimed at recreational golfers. This company is best known for its fairway woods, drivers and its patented “Driving Cavity” technology.

What is a fairway wood?

Fairway woods are usually offered in 9, 7, 5, and 3 wood options. With adjustability, you may be able to get some other options or precise lofts to fit your game. Adjustability is a great feature to have in a fairway wood.

What are the best Canadian Manufacturers of golf clubs?

This wholesale-direct manufacturer offers wedges, irons, hybrids and woods and is best-known for its irons. Jazz is the largest Canadian wholly owned golf manufacturing company. It offers a full range of clubs as well as accessories such as bags.