What are female golf caddies called?

What are female golf caddies called?

The female golf caddies called “CaddyMates” are handpicked, beautiful, outgoing, young ladies that will help with everything related to having the perfect day out on the golf course. Not only are most of these ladies professional models, but they are fully trained in course etiquette as well.

Why Daddy’s caddie?

We at Daddy’s Caddie believe why not have a HOT female with you while you play golf and enjoy the gorgeous views of Vegas Golf Courses. Our caddies love to tell dirty jokes with you, push the boundaries on the golf course as much as possible, and do anything we can to make sure you have the best time.

Why hire a model Caddy?

Each caddy is model like and utmost FUN, FUN, FUN. If you have a party, golf event, tournament or anything of the such we can even send the girls for you as model golf caddies, bartenders or servers. Whether it’s a guys outing, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a corporate event we will make your trip amazing.

Why hire a hot female caddie in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a great golf destination with over 50 courses and perfect weather to play year round. Why not play a round with one of our hot female caddies to make your round even more enjoyable? WHY HIRE A HOT FEMALE VEGAS GOLF CADDIE? Because you want the best round ever, no matter what you score.