Should you polish or sharpen your golf clubs?

Should you polish or sharpen your golf clubs?

If polishing your clubs will make you feel good, do it. You can get nice golf club polishing kits, to make your irons shiny and clean. So if you like tinkering with that sort of stuff it is definitely recommended. Should You Sharpen Your Golf Club Grooves?

How to sharpen a wedge with a groove sharpener?

You can easily bring a wedge back to its optimal level using a golf club groove sharpener. Hold the club, and draw the sharpener across each of its grooves very slowly without adding any unnecessary pressure. Choose where you want to start using your groove sharpener: top or bottom of each groove? It doesn’t matter – they both work well.

How to use a groove sharpener on a golf club?

The way you use a golf club groove sharpener is, you take one of the sharp edges and slide the sharpener back and forth until you get the desired results Most golfers use a tee to go through their grooves and scratch out extra dirt or grass that gets stuck in the grooves, but a groove sharpener goes one step forward by enhancing the metal.

How do I sharpen my Ping Irons?

Identify the problem areas on your irons. Often scuff marks on the sole need the most attention. Focus your efforts on the sole and grooves. Target the grooves on your Ping irons–use the groove tool to sharpen and even out any damage. Clean, consistent spin on the green depends on the sharpness of your grooves.