Should amateur golfers use blades or cavity back irons?

Should amateur golfers use blades or cavity back irons?

Is it just a simple case of saying if you are a good golfer you should be playing blades but if you haven’t yet made it to a single figure handicap you should be sticking with cavity back irons? Virtually all amateur golfers should use cavity back irons instead of blades.

Do most pros play between blades and Cavity backs?

Yes, the majority of Pros, either play a Cavity Back or Combo set between Blades and Cavity Backs. The shorter Irons will be Blades and the longer Irons will be Cavity Backs. Cavity Backs these days still provide Pros with all the workability and consistency that they need, the extra forgiveness is always a bonus.

Why don’t cavity back golf clubs go as far as full clubs?

Less distance – Due to the lower launch angle delivered by the slower club head speeds of the vast majority of golfers blades do not go as far as cavity back clubs. Golfers typically get distance from hitting their irons higher, not lower.

What is the difference between cavity back irons and blades?

Golf technology advances have led to the clear line between the two club types becoming more blurred but cavity back irons offer much needed additional distance and forgiveness for the average golfer compared to blades.