Is Yonex a good golf brand?

Is Yonex a good golf brand?

While Yonex’s main area is tennis and badminton, the company still has a presence in the golf world, especially on the European, Asian and Australian Tours. Yonex Golf is an extremely technologically advanced company that makes drivers, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

When did Yonex introduce the long drive?

Ever since it set the standard of 412 yards in 1989, long driving has been a tradition with the club maker. In 1991, Yonex first introduced its Long Drive Team, an elite roster of golfers competing for and winning long drive competitions around the country and around the world.

What are the best Canadian Manufacturers of golf clubs?

This wholesale-direct manufacturer offers wedges, irons, hybrids and woods and is best-known for its irons. Jazz is the largest Canadian wholly owned golf manufacturing company. It offers a full range of clubs as well as accessories such as bags.

When did Yonex start making metal golf clubs?

It wasn’t until 1996 that Yonex released its first metal driver, the Super A.D.X. Titanium. Since then, Yonex has developed a full line of golf equipment including irons, wedges and hybrid clubs for all player levels.