Is this the best streaker golf has ever seen?

Is this the best streaker golf has ever seen?

Via @beemerpga on Instagram, the best streaker golf has really ever seen. Clubs in hand, hit a few shots! The fan, whose name is Connor Murphy, was able to avoid jail time with the help of his friend Lauren and his dad.

Will there be fans at the 2021 US Open?

The 2021 US Open will welcome fans at 100% capacity for the two-week tournament.

What did the Streaker do with the balls at Torrey Pines?

In the video captured by Rich Beem, the streaker sported a visor, what looks like a women’s crop top, shorts, and a gay pride flag as a cape while carrying a club and golf balls. He decided to smack a couple of balls before breaking it down in front of the fans at Torrey Pines.

Did a fan run down the fairway at the US Open?

The back nine at the U.S. Open descended into fill-blown chaos, highlighted by a rogue fan running down the 13th fairway. Chaos has descended upon Torrey Pines.