Is the top 50 fitters list an investment?

Is the top 50 fitters list an investment?

For golfers without access to a True Spec location, or the other top 5 fitters, use the Top 50 Fitters list as a guide to find your best club fit. It’s an investment, but probably what’s keeping you from playing the best golf of your life.

Where can I find the best golf club fitters near me?

Best Golf Club Fitters near you. 1 Ivy Hills Country Club. 5.0 1 Review. 2 Hit It Straight Golf Academy. 3 Austin Green Golf Lessons. 4 Zach Steele Golf. 5 The Sport Shoppe (golf Equipment Sales And Repair) More items

How did golf find the top 50 clubfitters in North America?

GOLF’s got your back, as we introduce the Top 50 Clubfitters in North America. With the help of industry experts in the fields of club manufacturing, data technology and professional teaching, GOLF looked at more than 240 individual clubfitting companies, with an internal panel ultimately focusing on half of this group to determine the Top 50.

Where to buy swing fit golf clubs in Canada?

2nd Swing Golf, 612-216-4152 Perfect Swing Golf, 732-503-4709 Big Oak Golf Shop, 585-586-0614 Pete’s Golf, 516-248-6891 Windmill Golf Center, 330-467-6425 The Golf Lab-Canada, 289-271-5767 Modern Golf-Canada, 905-629-1003 Swing Fit Clubs, 843-341-7000