Is sanding the greens worth it?

Is sanding the greens worth it?

Yes, it is. But think of the big picture. Not everything is always just about you. Superintendents don’t sand putting surfaces simply to annoy you. They do it for the long-term health of the greens. That’s the gist. But since you’ve been inconvenienced, you deserve to know precisely why. What, in particular, are the benefits of sanding?

Why are my golf balls leaving deep ball marks on Greens?

Walking across a soft, saturated putting green can leave footprints that impact surface smoothness, and golf balls landing on soft putting greens will create deep ball marks. Unless it is addressed, this sponge effect will continue to worsen over time.

Why do we put sand on the Greens?

Regular topdressing and precise irrigation enhance putting surface smoothness, firmness, turf health and overall playing quality. So the next time you tee it up, remember that sand is applied to putting greens to create the smooth, firm surfaces that everyone enjoys.

What makes a good putting green?

Putting greens are comprised of different types of grasses but they all have one common trait – they must be healthy and consistently growing to recover from the heavy traffic associated with the game of golf. However, balancing turf recovery with playability requires careful management.