Is OnCore still in business?

Is OnCore still in business?

The company is perhaps still best known for its original metal core MA-1 golf ball. OnCore has since expanded to a full-line ball company (offering both urethane and Surlyn models) but its eyes are trained on the future. Development of its Genius Smart Golf ball is ongoing as are plans to open a large-scale sports complex in Buffalo.

What do you need to know about OnCore golf balls?

Now, if control in the short game is what you are looking for then the Oncore golf ball review is for you. It will tell you if you will benefit from this ball or not. 1. A Polybutadiene Rubber Core. 2. A Layer of Three. 3. Perimeter Weighting. 4. The Soft Feel. 1. How many golf balls do a pack usually contain? 2. Who is this golf ball for?

What is The ONCORE Elxir golf ball?

The OnCore ELXIR is a three-piece urethane offering. Based on the results of last year’s ball test, we’d classify it as mid-launch and mid-spin. The ELIXR is produced in Taiwan by Foremost. As we’ve mentioned before, the same factory produces balls for Wilson, Vice and MaxFli.

What is OnCore golf gear?

Shop Official OnCore Golf Gear, Apparel and More. Our proprietary perimeter weighting technology is engineered with advanced materials and nanotechnology to deliver golf balls with a high moment of inertia. A suite of golf balls focused on delivering control, feel, distance, accuracy and durability for golfers of all skill levels.