Is it harder to putt with a mallet than a blade?

Is it harder to putt with a mallet than a blade?

It is, however, harder for those with an arc stroke to turn the putter head within their hands. The face of a mallet will be more square than a blade, so you’ll get a different feel.

What is the best Titleist putter for 2022?

Titleist Phantom X (2022) Gold Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Silver Cobra King 3D Printed Silver L.A.B. Golf Mezzo Silver TaylorMade TP Collection HydroBlast Next Blade Putters Surviving the Hot List

What is the best Mallet putter?

Our overall best mallet putter, the Odyssey Stroke Lab, is a putter that we think the majority of golfers would be happy with. The Stroke Lab is not the cheapest putter on the market, but you are getting a high level of quality and performance for the price.

What is the best putter to buy 2020?

The Best Putters of 2020 Reviews. 1 1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter. View on Amazon. 2 2. Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide. 3 3. TaylorMade SpiderX. 4 4. Bloodline RG1. 5 5. Bettinardi Queen B.