Is golf good or bad for You?

Is golf good or bad for You?

It is good to get out into the great outdoors and get your body moving, with the only minor risks being a fall or being hit in the head with a stray ball (statistically quite a low risk ). Healthwise, golf is great, but is golf as green as its greens and its fairways?

What can you do to help the environment in golf?

Educate others about the benefits of environmentally responsible golf course management for the future of the game and the environment. Become a driver for improved environmental.

Is golf becoming more eco-friendly?

While, golf of the past might not have been the most eco-friendly past-time, things are definitely changing. You can expect to see more wildlife reserves, better water management, composting, and even, solar powered golf carts. If you’re a golf course designer and managed to stumble on to this blog post… be sure to check this guide out.

What are golf’s environmental impacts?

What are Golf’s Potential Environmental Impacts? In the past, environmental issues on the golf course have been overlooked. These include: Pollution of ground water and surface water caused by the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and other contaminants Poor stream water quality due to eroding shorelines