Is chewing gum the new trend among professional golfers?

Is chewing gum the new trend among professional golfers?

Long-time fans and golf watchers surely noticed at least one significant change in behavior from Tiger — he was chewing gum. Like, a lot of gum. Whenever the camera cut to Tiger, it seemed his molars were always moving. Believe it or not, chewing gum during rounds is a new trend amongst professional golfers.

What kind of gum does Tiger Woods Chew?

Numerous golfers have dabbled in CBD oil through a chewing product, and some are even sponsored by CBD companies. According to Eldrick, the gum is some type of Trident gum. Woods did a recent GOLFTV Q&A with fan-submitted questions, and when asked about the gum, he gave a less-than-convincing answer.

Do golfers know if it’s CBD gum they’re chewing?

Only they know if it’s CBD gum they were chewing but there are many reasons why they might. Tiger Woods completed one of the greatest comeback stories in sports this past weekend by winning the Masters It’s his first major tournament victory following an 11-year drought that included national scandals, a debilitating back injury, and more.

What is Tiger Woods chewing at the 2019 Masters?

Tiger Woods chewing gum during the 2019 Masters. Tiger Woods’ ascension to the top of the golf world (again) has pointed many cameras back in his direction. Most of the time, you might notice, the man is chomping on some gum.