Is CBS close to signing a nine-year extension with PGA Tour?

Is CBS close to signing a nine-year extension with PGA Tour?

The network is also reportedly close to signing a nine-year extension of its broadcast contract with the tour. When reached by Golf Digest, officials with CBS and the PGA Tour declined to comment about Kostis’ interview.

What changes are coming to CBS’ golf coverage in 2022?

In 2022, golf viewers can expect the change to continue from CBS — albeit more tamely than in 2021. In Shy’s second year, the network has a host of shifts planned for its golf coverage, most of which will be visible to the viewers during next week’s Farmers Insurance Open, the network’s first broadcast of the calendar year. 1. New reinforcements

What happened to CBS’s Coordinating Producer on golf on CBS?

The third-ever coordinating producer of Golf on CBS had a hurricane of a first-year in his new gig — an effort atop CBS’s golf coverage that concluded in a broadcast … from the middle of a hurricane.

Will PGA and CBS Sports be better off following McCord’s death?

“PGA golf and CBS sports will be far better off following the death of McCord,” snorted fellow announcer, Frank Nobilo. “We were so tired of carrying his fat lazy ass.