Is Aimpoint express the best way to read greens?

Is Aimpoint express the best way to read greens?

With Aimpoint Express, no matter who you are, you will be able to correctly read greens with a sufficient amount of practice. I love the system because it finally allows the average golfer to read greens like the pros, without years and years of experience.

What is Aimpoint Express and how does it work?

As alluded to earlier in the post, Aimpoint Express revolves around reading greens with your feet. In a nutshell, you go to the mid-point of the putt, feel and decide on a certain slope percentage with your feet, and based on this information you use your fingers to read the green. The photo below demonstrates the basic concept.

What is the Aimpoint Express fundamentals DVD?

The AimPoint Express Fundamentals DVD covers the basics of the Express Read which is taking over the world of golf. This video will teach you about break, how to feel slope, and how to apply the AimPoint Express read to short putts, birdie putts, lag putts, and double-breaking putts.

What is Aimpoint putting and how does it work?

We’ll break down Aimpoint putting, including the Aimpoint express putting method, and how you can try it out in your own game. Aimpoint putting is a green-reading method designed to give golfers a quick and accurate read and a specific target for each putt. The process is simple to grasp but challenging to master.