How to use a heavy golf club properly?

How to use a heavy golf club properly?

A fantastic drill to ingrain the proper motion with a heavy club is to put your feet together and start taking the club back and forth in a chipping motion. Then, keep letting the club’s momentum take the club back and forth further and further until you are making full swings.

What do you like to do with the weighted club?

I like to do long and slow golf swings with the weighted club to create more width in the back swing and with the follow through. The work with the weighted club has been particularly more useful in recent years as I have been less active on the driving range.

What happens when you remove a weight from a golf club?

Removing a weight near the shaft will cause your club to pull away when you swing, and removing a weight on the opposite side will cause the club to pull toward you. If your club has a third (center) weight, removal of this weight will simply lighten the club without altering the pulling of the swing.

Should you add weight to your golf clubs?

When most golfers talk about adding weight to a golf club, what they are really talking about is the swing weight of the club: adding weight to the head of the club in order to increase the speed of the swing and thereby increase the distance that the ball is hit. There are different ways of doing this.