How to stencil on a golf disc?

How to stencil on a golf disc?

Slowly press down the stencil on the edges of the disc making sure that it adheres to all of the disc Wrap the stencil edges tightly around the sides of the disc. Use a hard-edged card like a credit card to rub the places. It will help you avoid air bubbles. The dye can go inside the air bubbles ruining your design 4. Dyeing the Golf Disc

How do you dye vinyl discs?

Once all your painters’ tape is off, you’re almost ready to dye the disc. Before you do, take a hard-edged card-an old gift card or credit card works perfectly-and rub the places where the cut vinyl meets the weeded areas. What you’re trying to do is get rid of any stray air bubbles that will inevitably form between your stencil and the disc.

How do you clean a disc after dyeing it?

This method is messier and you will probably want to throw the cloth away when you’re done. This phase is simple, just make sure you’ve let the dye sit for long enough. Rinse in cold water for a few minutes. then remove all vinyl, fabric, or hot glue and rinse again. Scrub the disc lightly under running water.

How to Dye golf discs?

Choose your preferred golf disc. Pour a few drops of acetone on a coarse cloth and gently smear it all over the stamp. Rub until the stamp comes off. Make sure there is no gooey residue including oil from people’s hands on the disc surface. In the case of shaving cream dyeing, this step is not necessary.