How to properly position your golf clubs?

How to properly position your golf clubs?

So, you need to move your rear foot (right foot for a right-handed golfer) further for each longer club. In other words, the longer your chosen golf club, the wider your stance should get. The main benefit of using this ball positioning is that it promotes consistency to your aiming.

Where should my clubs be positioned in my bag?

The longer clubs in your bag should be positioned approximately 4-6 inches forward of center in your stance. The ball is positioned directly off the inside of the left foot. Compensations are required when the ball is played toward the center of the stance or when the ball is positioned to the left of the left foot.

Where should the golf ball be in your stance?

So, where should the ball be in your stance? The golf ball should be placed in the middle of your feet when playing a wedge shot, but moved a little forward of centre as you progress into the mid-irons. For longer clubs like hybrids and woods, the ball should be about a clubhead inside your left foot (for a right hander).

What are the correct stances for different golf clubs?

What are the Correct Stances for Different Golf Clubs? Driver stance – feet shoulder width apart, ball opposite left heel: By shoulder width, we mean a stance with the insides… Woods and irons – narrow the feet, move ball toward the center: Each time you drop down in club length (from a 5-iron …