How to lie a golf shot on a slope?

How to lie a golf shot on a slope?

Then, while holding the shaft in place, tilt your shoulders until your upper body is parallel to the slope. The more you’re able to match, or fit, your body to the slope, the more the situation will play like a flat lie. Make sure to set your shoulders parallel to the slope at address. This will allow you to effectively flatten out your lie. 3.

How to hit from an uphill lie on a golf course?

However, keep your ball placement at its normal spot if the hill slope is very severe. Summary of how to hit from an uphill lie… Match the angle of your shoulders with the slope of the hill Hit with a longer club to make up for the loss of distance caused by the high launch due to the hill slope

What is the easiest golf lie to play?

The uphill lie is probably the easiest of the uneven lies to play. In fact, you will often hear high handicappers say that they don’t mind an uphill lie or a lie where the ball is slightly above their feet.

How do you hit the ball up the hill?

It is very difficult to get your lower body up the hill and through the shot so you will tend to swing your arms around your body and turn the ball over. Play the ball forward of the center of your stance. As you swing try to follow the slope of the ground and make a concentrated effort to get your weight through the shot and up the hill.