How to hit Good Irons?

How to hit Good Irons?

Top 5 Golf Tips on How to Hit Better Irons ShotsDon’t be afraid of divots. Yes, it’s a pain to find and replace the wayward hunk of turf. …Avoid the tendency to swing for distance. While it makes sense to drive your tee shot with 100 percent of your power, trying to hit it as far down …Know your typical yardage with each iron. …Become familiar with the sound of a good iron shot. …More items…

How to hit Pure, flush golf iron shots?

Backup next to a wall, positioning yourself as you would be at the top of your golf swing. The clubhead should be against the wall.Take your downswing. If the clubhead immediately comes off the wall, you know you’re pulling the handle.Practice your downswing motion a few times, careful to keep the clubhead on the wall through the early transition.

How to swing a golf iron?

Start off your takeaway at a 2-inch distance and make sure that the club is brought back parallel to the target line. …Once you move away from the 2nd inch up to the 8th inch, your wrists should not hinge yet during the takeaway. …As you move from the 8th inch up to the 11th inch, make sure that your wrists are still firmly controlling the club. …

How do you hit an iron shot?

Positioning the ball in the center of your stance.Moving the club handle slightly in front of the clubhead.Pulling on the club with your lead hand in the transition.