How to clean golf clubs with grease?

How to clean golf clubs with grease?

Now squirt a little amount of washing liquid into the water. Make sure that the water is mildly warm and not too hot as it will loosen the ferrules. Place the bucket down with the golf clubs submerged in the warm water. Keep the grips soaked until the grease, and excess dirt loosens up from the grooves.

How to clean a golf putter?

Instead, dip a towel or soft-bristle brush into a bucket of warm water with some soap or dishwashing liquid, and clean the dirt off the club. Make sure to get in the grooves and wipe the crown and sole as well. Putters can also be cleaned this way, as they should only need a quick wipe down.

What is the best way to clean golf club heads?

The best way to clean golf club heads is to avoid using hot water since it can loosen the club-head joints and the shaft. Into your bucket of warm water, add two to three teaspoons of mild soap or dishwasher liquid.

How to clean your golf irons?

Then, take the irons out one-by-one and use the soft-bristle brush to remove the dirt. Get into the grooves of the club head and give them a really good clean. You can also use a toothbrush or even a golf tee to get into the grooves. Give the irons another rinse, and once they have all been washed, dry the clubs with a towel.