How much weight for a putter head?

How much weight for a putter head?

I play my putters at around 32" and like a heavier head as well (350-360 grams). I pretty much add my preferred amount of weight using lead plugs. I coat them in shafting epoxy and use a ram rod to jam them down the shaft towards the head. It helps if you know the raw weight of your putter head.

Is 18g of putter weight good?

Heavier is good, with the proper counter weight above the Putter head. A whole bunch of Tour Edge golf stuff…… For sure the addition of 18g to a putter head will have a lot of effects on the total weight, swingweight, toe balance, AOA, loft and left-right openness of the face at contact. Not to mention distance control and muscle activity.

How to improve distance control with a putter?

I think people can get better at distance control just from increasing the total weight of the putter and keeping the swingweight the same (by increasing head weight and adding a counterweight), but I’m not a fitter so don’t quote me on it. I don’t have a counterweight in my putter, either.

How can I Make my putter heavier?

Consider these 4 putter weight changes 1 Add weight at the putter head. The easiest and fastest way to make a putter feel heavier is to add weight to the putter head. … 2 Adding weight at the grip end. … 3 Add weight to the grip end and putter head. … 4 Bonus: Add weight to the shaft