How much money is in the prize pool at the tourneys?

How much money is in the prize pool at the tourneys?

The amount of money in the prize pool is about the same as any other regular weekly Tour stop, with $8.3 million available and 18% to the first place slot. But since this is a team event, the usual second place prize of 10.9% is combined with first, and that money is split between the winning team.

How many FedEx Cup points does the Zurich Classic winner get?

Beyond money, there are important points, perks and benefits on the line for the field — in particular, the tournament winner. The winners of this event will each get 400 FedEx Cup points, with Zurich Classic of New Orleans allocating the standard amount of points.

What is the prize money for the 2022 Zurich Classic of New Orleans?

However, the prize money purse for this team event is still notable. So here’s what the prize purse for the event looks like. The 2022 Zurich Classic of New Orleans has a prize money purse of $8.3 million. Moreover, the winner’s share will be coming at around $2,398,700.

How much money does it pay to win the Zurich Classic?

Here’s how much money particular finishes would get you if it was an individual event with a $7.4 million purse versus how much a team finish gets you: In other words, it pays EVEN MORE to finish strong at the Zurich Classic. Here’s how much prize money every golfer who made the cut will earn this week at TPC Louisiana (all money is per player).