How much does a golf cart bag weigh?

How much does a golf cart bag weigh?

Weight will be of lesser concern when selecting a cart bag since you will be unlikely to be carrying it. Fully loaded cart bags could reach an impressive 40 pounds and not the best of partners to carry around in the unlikely event that your transportation breaks down during a round.

What are the benefits of a bigger golf bag?

Big bags provide more storage and protection to your clubs and besides, allows you to carry additional apparel and equipment. This adds substantial weight and is not advisable should you wish to carry your bag unless you are in top physical condition.

What are the different types of golf bags?

The two major categories of bags are stand bag or cart bags that would normally be used on a cart and secondly a carry bag that contains retractable legs to keep it in a semi-upright state. You may encounter the need for a tour bag which basically stands on its own without fold-out legs but is also capable of being tied to the back of a cart.

Why do golf bags have cooling pockets?

If the pockets are not facing forward you could struggle and get highly frustrated. Keeping hydrated during a round is of utmost importance and a cool feature available on most bags nowadays is the cooler pocket. This enables you to store, and keep cool, the beverages for consumption during the round.