How much do the new PXG 0311 Gen4 Irons cost?

How much do the new PXG 0311 Gen4 Irons cost?

Pricing is $ 349 per club. Presale starts March 9, ready to ship in early April. The new PXG 0311 GEN4 irons are, literally, a case of less being more. Not something one would normally associate with PXG, is it? So, what’s “less” on the PXG 0311 GEN4 irons? First of all, GEN4 represents less time between 0311 iterations than ever before.

What’s new in the PXG Gen 4?

There are some significant changes to GEN 4. Specifically, PXG has completely altered two of its signature technologies with an entirely new weighting system and a new proprietary polymer filler for the 0311’s hollow body.

What is the difference between the PXG XP and Gen4 golf clubs?

In PXG’s testing, GEN4 gained over 2 mph ball speed versus GEN3. With the same club head speed, that resulted in more than 5 yards of additional carry and a just a touch more spin. Compared to the P, the lofts in the XP are about two degrees stronger through the bag.

What are PXG 0311 Gen4 St heads?

The details: As with all of PXG’s Gen4 irons, a large interchangeable weight in the back cavity of the 0311 Gen4 ST heads allows fitters to adjust weight in the head, helping to manipulate performance and feel. The irons also have varied head designs throughout the set.