How much do golf carts cost to rent?

How much do golf carts cost to rent?

The rent of a golf cart depends on its size and equipment. There is the various size of golf cart available. You can rent them based on your need. Also, you can rent them for a month. That is called long-term rent. Sometimes renting a golf cart is costs you a lot. For two persons you need to pay almost 55$ for the day.

Can you lease a golf cart?

Lower Monthly Payments – Your monthly lease payments are 30%-70% lower than the cost of a purchase loan for the same golf cart with the same terms. Newer Cart, More Often – Drive a late model golf cart every 2 to 4 years, depending on the term length of your lease. We can certainly arrange even a lease to best fit your desired needs.

Where can I rent a golf cart?

Golf Cart Rentals. Web Specials. Lone Oak is now offering the rental of 4-seat gas golf carts. Weekend reservations require a 2-day minimum, 3-day minimum on Holidays. Golf carts can be reserved by calling the office or by checking availability online . There is a $50 deposit to reserve a golf cart.

How much is it to rent a golf cart?

We offer affordable, premium golf cart rentals and leasing contracts. Request a quote today! Golf Cart Rental Rates (All prices are subject to change) Electric Minimum amount of $395 for any rental Deposit 2 Passenger w/ Flatbed – $500.00 4 Passenger – $500.00 6 Passenger – $500.00 Daily 2 Passenger w/ Flatbed – $105.00 4 Passenger – $110.00