How much do Balata balls really bounce?

How much do Balata balls really bounce?

The old 1942 balls bounced an average of 13 feet. The balata balls bounced nine and a half feet, or around 26% less than the regular balls. Meanwhile sportswriter Hy Turkin of the New York Daily News took some balata balls to some scientists who dissected some and conducted resiliency tests on others.

What is the difference between Balata and Surlyn balls?

So balata balls were used by better golfers, while recreational golfers used golf balls made with harder, cut-resistant cover materials (Surlyn, a trademarked name and material developed by DuPont, is often remembered as the alternative to balata).

What is a balata golf ball?

Not so long ago in golf history, balata golf balls were the ball of choice for low-handicap golfers, and something the rest of us aspired to play. But what is balata?

Did Ford Frick invent the Balata ball?

On May 4, 1943, Ford Frick demonstrated the new balata ball to reporters by bouncing it on his office carpet and claiming that everything was all better. And, eventually, it was. For a week or so American League teams continued to use their supply of the old balata balls.